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electric company

Smart up Technology is a future-oriented master craftsmanship company.That stands for advanced information technology. We are a strong partner in electrical and building technology.

Our mission

We are all creating new things because, we are convinced that. We want to simplify life through sustainable renewable energies and intelligent technology!




Our vision

We think sustainably and efficiently! Energy and information technology are becoming more  important in our everyday lives. Our vision is essentially, that we know renewable energies and information technology efficiently, that there is a harmonious life between technology and people!


Our Service

Electrical engineering

Your partner for installation and commissioning of all electrical systems. The new installation in the home, renovations in the old building or extension of an existing installation. Through our exact work and professionally individual advice, we solve every project for you! 

Light design

Professional lighting improves the quality of life! We are your partner, when it comes to creating an extraordinary atmosphere in your home!

Network, communication technology

Fast, flexible, reliable! The network requirements in the advanced world. At the work are becoming more demanding. We offer a comprehensive range of network technology that covers the entire network infrastructure!


Make everyday life easier. Control your building intelligently and efficiently. Your home thinks for you! Control from anywhere. We offer an extensive range of “intelligent” information technology.


Monitoring technology

Crime in Germany is steadily increasing. Make your Home safy. The advanced monitoring technology takes care of you! We have a comprehensive range of products.

Renewable energies

In northern Germany it is usually windy. Our small wind turbines are another form of environmentally friendly energy supply. Produce your own electricity. We show you how to save costs and at the same time protect the environment.


More electric cars are registered in Germany. Consumers want more flexibility in E-mobility. With our fast chargers! You can fully charge your electric car within 30 minutes. We install high-quality chargers that  you obtain to more flexible!

Our projects



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